“The Wylds” was released worldwide under the title “The Adventures of Chris Fable” and was widely available in retail and rental outlets such as Wal-Mart and Redbox.  It is currently available online through our website, various retail outlets, and in Christian bookstores.

“The Wylds” is a fun and exciting family film that is also jam-packed with great lessons for kids. Although young and old enjoy it, this film is specifically targeted towards kids. “The Wylds” will captivate children with even the shortest attention span. Movies are an excellent community outreach tool and are very appealing to kids, so why not use something they love and enjoy to teach them the eternal truths about God’s word!

There are several options for showing the movie, you can have a movie night at your church, or you can show the movie at your Sunday School or your Youth Group. If you’re interested in doing a Sunday School or Youth Group event, we have a study guide to go along with the movie. This provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss the movie with kids and use it as a teaching tool. If you’re interested in doing a church movie night, we will work with you to promote the show by contacting local newspapers, radio stations, and Christian bookstores.

If you would like to host a screening please click HERE.

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