“The message behind “The Adventures of Chris Fable” is as old as the Pilgrim’s Progress… but this version is full of fast-paced, youthful adventure. I’m so grateful for this exciting drama that tells an old, old story in a fresh new way. I recommend “The Adventures of Chris Fable” for the whole family!” Joni Eareckson Tada

“The Adventures of Chris Fable,” a film based on the ageless story of The Pilgrims Progress, is truly a wild ride! It has adventure, fun and excitement while at the same time teaching valuable life lessons that adults and kids alike can understand and apply to their lives. It is action packed and thought provoking, a movie the entire can family can actually watch…and ENJOY… together!”– Crystal Lewis, Christian Singer/Songwriter

This movie is inspired by “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan and features a young and very talented actor named Solomon Ray who plays the central character Chris, or “Christian”, and the movie focuses on his journey to the Celestial City. As “Pilgrim’s Progress” was big on allegory, this one is as well. A character names “Philosopher” believes the Bible is too simple to hold truth alone, and a salesman type character wants to sidetrack young Chris from his travels. A Fagin-like Character (from “Oliver”) helps keep a group of kids without homes alive by providing them food to eat and a place to stay, as long as they steal for him. When Chris gets caught stealing at a church he meets Pastor Evangeline (Elizabeth Mouton) who challenges him to find his father from whom he is estranged. Chris launches out on a symbolic journey and must deal with many enemies along the way, enemies who intend to get him sidetracked and off of the straight and narrow path. There are a few moments of fantasy type violence and a fist fight between two characters, prompting our awarding of the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve and up. This is an imaginative film along with some neat special effects work and we gladly award it our Dove Seal. Enjoy this modern day “Pilgrim’s Progress”. – The Dove Foundation Review – Click here to read review on Dove’s website

Even if your child has never read The Pilgrim’s Progress, this a is a film they will learn from. It’s full of powerful messages! “The Adventures of Chris Fable” also has cool robots and some crazy special effects that are sure to catch the kiddos’ attention. – My Four Monkeys Mom BlogClick here to read full review

“I totally LOVED this movie. It was fun, weird, crazy and had an awesome message.” – Bass Giraffe Mom Blog Click here to read full review

“I watched this movie with my family, that includes my husband and our 4 children still at home, ages 10, 12, 15, 16. We all loved The “The Adventures of Chris Fable,” This is a very exciting, action packed movie.” Linda’s Lunacy Mom BlogClick here to read full review

“I think anyone looking for a clean, fun family adventure can truly enjoy this movie with their children…It really is a fun kids movie..The moral issues of hope and following the right path even though it is difficult is strong throughout the movie and you can’t help but get something out of it.” – The 160 Acres Wood Mom Blog – Click here to read full review

Since I first read Pilgrim’s Progress I have been imagining Christian on his journey to the Celestial City in my mind. It was such a thrill to watch it unfold on the screen in this imaginative and creative adaptation. And it was an even bigger joy to introduce my young daughters to this epic story for the first time. Not only did my five year old not blink during the entire film but we were able to discuss the journey to heaven represented in the movie afterwards. I fully recommend “The Adventures of Chris Fable” to you and your family, you’re gonna love it! – Pastor Levi Lusko, Fresh Life Church, Kalispell, MT

“The Adventures of Chris Fable” is what a film ought to be: ideas that matter wrapped in a great story with good characters, projected against a beautiful backdrop, accompanied by a killer soundtrack. My kids and congregation loved it, and so did I! – Pastor Cliff Purcell, Whitefish Church of the Nazarene, MT

After watching “The Adventures of Chris Fable” I embraced the movie whole-heartedly, since it is loaded with Biblical truths that would capture the attention of a child as young as 4 or a grandmother as old as 90. We showed it to our congregation and invited the community, some of whom had never been in church before. EVERYONE loved it. I urge fellow pastors to show it far and wide.
– Pastor Bill Myers, The Little Brown Church of the CMA, Bigfork, MT