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The Wylds 1

from left Andrew Wiest, Solomon Ray (Chris)

The Wylds 2

from left, Staci Crowe (Faith), Solomon Ray (Chris), Andrew Wiest (Director), Travis Gee (Stubs)

The Wylds 3

from left, Judah Justine (Duck), Solomon Ray (Chris), Staci Crowe (Faith), Travis Gee (Stubs)

The Wylds 4

from left, Judah Justine (Duck), Staci Crowe (Faith), Larry Laverty (Iggy), Solomon Ray (Chris)

The Wylds 5

from left, Solomon Ray (Chris), Robert Andrus, Andrew Wiest, Justin Silvey

The Wylds 6

Solomon Ray (Chris) and Robert Bear (Luc)

Director Andrew Wiest