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Oct. 19, 2010

New family film amps up Christian classic for modern kids

KALISPELL, Mont.—Filmed in the wilds of Montana with a cast of local kids, “The Wylds” tackles the timeless themes of John Bunyan’s  “ The Pilgrim’s Progress” and comes out swinging with a vivid, cinematic tale aimed at today’s kids.

Good Outlaw Studios and Metro One Music Inc. have partnered with Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb company, to bring this fast-paced adventure to families around the world. Kids of all ages will learn valuable lessons as they join Chris on a journey of faith, trials—and ultimately triumph—where he outwits bandits, escapes swamp monsters, and battles evil robots on the road to Celestial City.

The movie wouldn’t have been possible without the cast of local youth.

“You could have searched the world over and not found more talented kids than the ones found right here in Montana,” said Larry Laverty, an experienced actor from California who stars in the film.

Writer/Director Andrew Wiest, a Montana native, read “The Pilgrim’s Progress” as a young boy and was captivated by its vivid imagery.

“The characters and the situations are so over-the-top and fantastical, and as a kid I really took to that,” Wiest said. “It’s such a great story that I feel is somewhat lost to kids nowadays. ‘The Wylds’ is my attempt to keep this important story alive in a way that 10-year-old Andy would have liked—and 10-year-old Andy loved giant robots and explosions.”

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Crystal Lewis declared “The Wylds” a true wild ride.

“It has adventure, fun and excitement while at the same time teaching valuable life lessons that adults and kids alike can understand and apply to their lives,” Lewis said.  “‘The Wylds’ is action-packed and thought provoking, a movie the entire family can actually watch—and enjoy—together!”

“The Wylds” is currently available in Christian bookstores and online at, with a general release set for November.

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